Friday, July 9, 2010

The Last Air Bender

After having to bounce back after the "King of the World" James Cameron took the name Avatar and created the highest grossing film of all time, M. Night renamed "Avatar"" The Last Air Bender." Much has been bought up about the races of the people used to play the roles. Saying that the animated show had more characters of Asian descent. I could really care less. The thing about this movie is....It's a lot going on, great special effects but its just boring. I was actually falling asleep and I never fall asleep during movies. It's a good storyline, it's just too drawn out. Some scenes could have been left out to cut down on the time. Hopefully the next installments will have a better speed. And I could have gone without the 3D in this one. I'm glad it did well its 1st week though. It wasn't really well promoted and doesn't really seem like the kids' movie that it is supposed to be.

Captain Planet



Peat said...

I was kind of mad James cameron took Avatar. When I first heard it I just KNEW it's was the Nickelodeon show, lol.

However, this is the very FIRST positive reveiw of this movie I've read.

PenDragon said...

Damn really. Its not that bad...its just slow. Yeah I don't know how James Cameron did that. B/c i knew M. Night was making the movie then I saw that James was making something called Avatar. I'm thinking they are both making the same movie. Then I saw Blue people.