Monday, July 26, 2010

Low Sodium

Man this shit shoulda been called "Watch Angelina Do Impossible Shit." Then at least I would have known what to expect. The whole movie is circling the idea of if Salt is a undercover Russian spy. Once that is answered (and it does get answered eventually in an odd manner) the super chase begins to destroy America. This movie almost turned into a Russian Terrorist recruitment film. I felt weird at some parts even sitting there like Homeland Security was gonna come cart me away for sitting through the movie. If they ever put out a Spider-Woman film she should definitely get the role. The part when she jumped off the bridge onto the speeding 18 wheeler, I damn there got up and left then. But wait, she then proceeds to jump onto a smaller U-Haul like vehicle holding on with just her fingertips???

The beginning of the movie is even more ludicrous. A Russian spy walks into the CIA says he has information. After giving you that information you escort him through the CIA (!!!) building with 2 officers and NO CUFFS. Then you get on the elevator and let this RUSSIAN SPY with wild information stand behind you???? There were a million cameras in the building but none were in the elevator??? This movie is just way too whacked out. Then they pull a stunt out of LOST (Expose - Nicki and Paolo) with the spiders. Come on!!! This is an absurd waste of film that hopefully will not garner a sequel as the ending suggests.

Sugar and Spice


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