Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Up In The Air

George Clooney stars in Up in the Air, in which he plays Ryan an old pro at firing people at other companies in other states. He spends much of his life in the air and in hotels, so much so that his actual apartment looks like a Hotel room. He meets a woman similar to himself who is on the road all the time flying state to state living out of a suitcase. They start a very casual relationship that then turns into something more (or less). When the company starts to go in another direction and wants to fire people over the Internet, Clooney takes along Natalie Keener played by Anna Kendrick (the person responsible for the change) to convince her that firing people in person takes a certain skill that just can't be conveyed over the computer. Everybody comes to grand realizations for better or worse, but the movie comes across as genuine, ultra modern, and is just a good movie.

Up Up & Away



Markel said...

yes it was a good film but it was fucked up whn he relized shawty was jst using him a lil he was hurt by tht shit and when shorty jumped off the bridge damn son

PenDragon said...

yeah it was, but chew on this movie shit...how did he get her address and why would she give him her address if she was married...i think that part was over looked on part of the writers. Hey she said she was gonna kill herself very calm and very sure...you have to believe a person that carries it like that.