Wednesday, February 17, 2010

A Serious Man

This Coen Brothers film is ummm...good but maybe I'm just missing something. This is about a guy who lives life by the rules does nothing unmoral and even when things get worse and worse he still puts all faith that him doing right will be the light and saving grace. Dudes wife wants a divorce and kicks him and his sick brother out of the house. A student in a class that he teaches bribes him for a better grade. He keeps getting horrible advice from the Rabbis that he talks to. And believe me things just get worse and worse. This guy gets walked on for the entire movie. It's no peace in sight for this guy. My only gripe with this movie is that it has no real final ending and for a movie that's almost 2 hours long you could at least give it a decent ending. It just had so many loose ends that they left dangling that you feel ripped off. The characters are rich and complex, the situations are creative and enthralling. But the ending just doesn't deliver. Maybe the ending is "this is life and life goes on." I don't know!

Mazel Tov


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