Thursday, February 25, 2010

Make Your Next Move Your Best Move & Play it Like A Chess Move

With the success of Jay-Z’s newest CD The BluePrint 3 it was sure that a huge tour would follow. Well that tour is upon us and the BluePrint 3 Tour is underway. Jay-Z is sharing his tour and split it among himself, Young Jeezy and Trey Songz. When I looked at the line up my initial thought was “huh.” I get the Young Jeezy add on, those two have been cool for a minute, but the Trey thing kinda boggled my mind for a second. I mean really until very very recently has Trey been getting big radio spins and his album sales never garnered him as a “big time artist.” To me though, he is pound for pound one of the best singers out in a long time. He has a wide vocal range and can really sing, but his songs never really did anything for me until recently. Jay-Z is an opportunist and he wants to throw an all boys tour I get that, but a key underlying note to this whole thing is good ol’ revenge. Ya see Trey and Jim Jones used to roll super heavy, back when Jones put out “Diary of a Summer” and was going at Jay-Z and his reign of Summer hits. The young boy Trey was featured on that song, and they toured awhile promoting that album and single. Also, Jimmy started using Rell one of the original singers and signees to Roc-A-Fella on his songs and albums. So as a sort of silent rebuttal Jay-Z takes Trey Songz on tour…it’s like they are playing chess. It’s actually an interesting game. It’s clear who is winning the game but you kinda are thinking what’s the next move gonna be?



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