Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Sage Bravo - The TRIAL

The homie Sage Bravo is on his grind!! His new mixtape is The Trial and the young boy is spittin ya dig. Follow him on twitter as well. I could sit here and rattle off songs but I'm not (but "Never A Tomorrow" is one of my favorites)cause the whole tape DOPE! Dude flow game is nasty dig, and he is repping Baltimore hard. Get the tape!


Court Is Adjourned


1 comment:

Sage Bravo said...

YO DRAG, GOOD LOOK ON THE POST MY NIG... REAL TALK.. You a real nigga. Not too many niggaz keep it all the percentage they need in a 100 range you dig? But my homage is unconditional fam. That's 1hunnit to the graveyard homie.. *salutes*