Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Ok & Who Are You Again??

Listen, I love to see Baltimore artist on the grind and making moves, but, but , but at what point do you rally your assets and make a bigger move. A key part of the game is analyzing the game. Knowing what moves will garner what outcome before you do it. So I see dudes spending 5 Grand on a video, I ask myself...."What is that 5,000 gettin you?" TV time...doesn't seem like it....More presence in the city?...Not so much....More Internet buzz?...hell no...etc. So why then put so much money into a seemingly pointless project? I guess you'd have to ask those guys. Instead of these videos that are about 4 mins long, I think if they invested in a project like a "Hood Movie," they would see bigger results.

Damn there everybody has a camera these days. Hood movies are always bad, so the script is no problem and everybody wants to be a star, so gettin people to be in it would be the easiest thing ever. Not only would it last longer but it would be the talk of the town for a few months, not just a couple days and then dying out. Skinny Suge doesn't have one song out and is more popular then most local rap artists. Why because he made himself a presence. He created a enterprise (sure city official try an stop him every change they get) based on documentary. If other guys could move more into that realm, that would bring more eyes then just a kinda cool video. And I'm not slamming anybodies video in general. It's just an observation an a generalization. Think about it.

I'm giving away Ideas


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