Thursday, July 30, 2009

Damn It! -- UPDATE - -

I hate racism it makes me sad (sincerely). This fiasco in Boston regarding Henry Gates being arrested at his own house & Sgt. Crowley is just a big damn mess. Listen look at these two ... they both look like assholes. Sure the guy was at his own house, but when responding to a 911 B&E (breaking and entering) call the police have to handle things a certain way. All the "But I live here's," in the world isn't going to mean anything to the police at that moment. They want your hands up and full co-operation until they can find out the deal.

The woman that called the police was in a damned if you do damned if you don't situation. Looks like somebody is breaking into a house, but the dude was wearing a red polo shirt and looks pretty friggin old. I just think those are key criteria when performing a B&E. But do you just let this person break into this house and do nothing?? (Yes, these aren't cheap houses, they all probably have pretty nice security systems and the police would be there very fast.) So she calls the police which launches 1000 ships (Trojan War reference) and President says the police acted stupidly, which maybe they did and maybe Mr. Gates also acted stupidly as well.

Then the President reaches out the olive branch and says well we can talk about it over a beer. Now isn't that the down to Earth President that the people elected. People were even talking bad about this decision to talk to mend the problem. Geez. This is a big mess!!



-- UPDATE--- So it seems that The President, Vice President, Prof. Gates & Sgt. Crowley all sat down and talked about it over beers. I like this. This is good. If this isn't one of the most mature, sensible things I have ever seen I my life I don't know what is. To me this is an iconic photo of the "Change' President. However will it be viewed as such...we can only wait and see.

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