Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Record Deals = The Titanic

Listen I'm no Rocket Scientist (maybe a regular Scientist but def not a Rocket Scientist) but it seems like Record Deals are being given out to the most talent-less of acts these days. I think Record Companies are becoming lazy and the backfire is it's making more artists lazy. Then the radio stations become lazy.

F.L.Y. - Swagg Surfing

Never heard of these dudes in my life. The song hits the radio, then they put out some wack video, the album comes out on Def Jam a few later...nobody cares

The Shop Boys - Party Like A RockStar

This was on the radio non-stop the Summer of '07...the album was release through Universal Republic and sold 212,000...these young man haven't been seen or heard of since. Perhaps still partying? Nawh, splitting that 3 ways and still having to break the label off they have about a month left til I see em working at Wal-Mart. Totally Dude

GS Boyz (lazy name) - Stanky Leg

Once again these dudes come from nowhere and score a hit on the radio. People shuck and jive to their dance...OH HAPPY DAY!! They try to push their 2nd single Booty Dew and it was exactly what the song suggested...Booty Dew!

I'm sure I can go on all day and list failures of others but I shalt ( is that the marriage of shall and not?).

You're a Jerk --- You guys are next!!


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thevoice said...

Don't hate the player (or in this case the artist) hate the game.