Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Government RX

I think in times of need and diversion the Government gives us (The People) just a little bit to worry about and talk amongst ourselves while they do what they do out of our sight. Case in point...a few years ago people were scared shit-less worried about S.A.R.S...magically through the strength of powerful lawn gnomes it disappeared. Then a few years later West Nile was frightening the hell out of folk....that too just kinda went away after that Summer. Then the animal stuff starts happening. Bird Flu runs amok and then flys south for the winter as well. This years new weapon of choice...Swine Flu now called H1N1...that thing will be pork chops by Labor Day.

The real question I suppose is why are all these diseases coming every year under a new name and leave by the end of the Summer. And every time that it comes out it seems to have the same symptoms and everybody goes nuts. I'm not sure if its a device used when the world is over-populated or if its just a distraction, but rest assured a new Flu type disease will surface 2010. My bet is it'll be called the Fuzzy Ferret Flu. Any thoughts?

Bless You


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thevoice said...

You are 100% correct. The government is pimping us all. They want to dump us down. Perhaps we will forget about this insane war. Or people without jobs? All they show on TV are RX they want us to take. We need to wake up.