Wednesday, March 12, 2008

5 Things To Love And Hate About The Wire

5 Things To Love And Hate About The Wire

1. LOVE - The characters. The Cast is huge and everyone has a story. The characters are deep and complex. You want to know how all these characters became who they are. Who was the first person Omar robbed? When did Avon and Stinger realize that they wanted to get in the game?

2. HATE - Season 5 just one Avon scene. Before the start of season five, articles made it seem as if Avon was getting out of jail and was going to give opposition to Marlo's crew. Not so! One three minute scene; as shocking as it was (the look on Marlo's face was priceless), was just too little of a big expectation.

3. LOVE - The exposing of crooked politics, police, newspaper reports, congressman, lawyers and everyone else playing the game. Everyone has an angle and everybody wants there shine. It doesn't matter how many feathers you ruffle or situations you shake up, as long as you can pay enough (with money or information) or are connected enough your a valued player of the game.

4. HATE - Fake 92Q drops playing local acts. Listen I am all for promotion but this is ridiculous. Mid - day playing BossMan? Playing Mullyman?? Mully just got got his ban lifted in March!! They hardly play Bossman and definately not at peak hours. I understand the shows producers have nothing to do with the aspect of reality of 92Q, but I'd much rather if it were Deep Flow Radio instead of "The Sleepers Station" (ya'll like that don't you...don't swaggerjack me!!). Bottom line 92Q doesn't play many local acts and when they do its most certainly not in the middle of the day more like 3 AM ya dig.

5. LOVE/ HATE - I'd be damned to say the aspect of the kids isn't heart-wrenching. Their future is bleak because their current life is hopeless. Its so stacked against them. Its easy to trust the wrong people and hard to trust the people telling you the right thing. Michael in the beginning was reluctant to take anything from Marlo, he was going to the gym and school. But he finally gave in to the streets. He could have told the coach about his abuse and would have turned out better. Instead the path he choose turned him into a drug dealer, killer, and eventual stick up boy. While Marlo escapes jail and is meeting new "important" people, the little boy that he convinced to join him is now betrayed by him and is fighting for his life. The complexities of this show is a wonderful and heartbreaking thing. Duquan was a smart kid doing well in school (with proper teaching!!), he ends up with no where to turn except the streets. Where he is eventually swallowed alive by drugs. The result of these two's present gives you insight on the origins of Bubbles and Omar, and their all too sad future's as well. This show displays the revolving door of life. The everyday on and on. The police keep investigating, solving, arresting. The drug dealers keep moving, selling. The killers keep killing and the addicts keep using. It's a never ending cycle, and as terrible, horrible, and destructive as it is The Wire paints an unapologetically real portrait of the everyday lives that people lead.

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