Thursday, March 7, 2013

Flacco - The Chip Kid

Its all about the CHIP!  In any sporting event, that's actually all its about.  EVER!  Some people are asking if they paid too much for Flacco.  But the thing you gotta understand is they aren't really paying Flacco they are paying for the Championship.  Imagine what Jerry Jones would pay if he knew he could have a Championship in 4 years.  He would pay double what they paid Flacco.  Elite or not isn't really even the case .  It's all about the CHIP!  The Timberwolves paid KG $160M when he first came out.  The Timberwolves have no chips and barely reached the playoffs.  The money and who it goes to is relative because people are paying for that ring/trophy/cup.   I look at it as they didn't pay Flacco for Flacco they paid for the Rings.  Atlanta would love if Matt Ryan could have brought them a Championship but it's just not for them.  If the Falcons organization knew that Flacco would win this Chip in 4 years time they would have picked him over Matt Ryan.  Steve Bisciotti is a smart dude, so I'm sure he has a way to keep the pivotal players on the squad ( I hope).



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