Friday, March 15, 2013

Killing Them Softly

This movie for all intended purposes followed the structure to being a good film, but something was missing.  Was it gory?  Yes.  Good amount of violence.  Was it long? No.  Right within the normal 1hr 30min range and I like that.  The story line was simple.  Not too many characters.  But something was just kinda ehhhh about this one.  I'm a Brad Pitt fan and I like Ray Liotta too.  Maybe the belief that some of these characters were too dumb for there own good was just too hard to believe.  Maybe the ending was empty.  Maybe the politial undertones of Barack and G.H.W. Bush were too heavy or in the wrong context for this sort of film.   James Gandolfini  plays an odd role of a down and out hit man but may give the best performance of the whole movie.  And he is only in 2 scenes! It's something to watch but not great.



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