Thursday, April 26, 2012

New Mixtape : Jae Poet - FreeFaller

Jae Poet's new mixtape is out NOW and here is the description that sets the tone for the album.  

Description: Baltimore artist, Jae Poet (T.A.G.M.G.), makes London the setting for this mixed genre album. The sound he describes as "Beautiful Destruction" fits with the beautiful yet airy architecture of this setting. It is from the top floor of a hotel, that Jae Poet speaks of and elaborates on his interesting perspective on growth. This entire project was mixed, mastered, and arranged entirely by Jae Poet himself. He also uses mostly his own production on FreeFaller, being accompanied by very talented producers within his own circle. (i.e. Mark Shotta, Drag, Keishh, D. Bennett, and Ze. As far as features go, Jae still didn't have to go far to get an awesome cast like Jase, Rickie Jacobs, Nova Starz, DJ Craigo Gettems, Drag, Kay Lewis, and Jocelyn Smith. This 60 minutes goes from raw hip hop to wherever his imagination lands. Enjoy.


twitter: @Jae_Poet

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