Monday, April 23, 2012

Baltimore Come Here Lemme Talk to You

Listen I know that the Inner Harbor is our "big" attraction here in Charm City.  But let's talk about the not so Charming shall we?  Let's talk about all the boarded, condemned housing unit in the city.  We spend a ridiculous amount of money for new Harbor attractions and this new 8 year "clean water revitalization" for the Harbor, but when it comes to the inner CITY nothing gets done.  In fact even the attractions outside of the Harbor are being halted.  The BioPark in Sowebo (South West Baltimore) hasn't seen any new construction for about 2 years.  The controversial planning for the new State Center has been under way for about 3 years and will probably be years if and when it ever does get funding.  The off putting thing is, the city has money for the Baltimore Grand Prix in which it was even said that they actually lose money by having the race here.  Every pothole and crumbled curb from Fells Point to Penn Station is fixed instantly, but when it comes to areas outside of tourist's view, things are abandoned. 

The city swindles people in an out of hand water bill scam and the police are seemingly everywhere but where crime happens.  The city has plenty of money to put up Blue Light cameras while schools close and after school programs are shut down.  The priorities of this city are sad and apparent.  Funds are misappropriated and visitors are treated better than everyday Baltimorians.  Someone needs to fix this.  Maybe it's you. 

The City That Dreams/Bleeds/Cries



LisaSweetpea said...

Whew, love this. We (the fam) always blast the city's goal and goal-less nature, now made easier by the Baltimore Sun and police department backed talking head of a mayor who's chosen to fall in line and turn a blind eye. Actually, she likely just keeps her eyes closed and peeks around from time to time to find out what she's supposed to do next.

PenDragon said...

We need a change!