Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Going Up

In my life time nothing has went down price wise, which is pretty astounding. The price of stamps...UP. The cost of pay phones doubled and payphones are almost extinct. The price of gas is up almost 400%. I'm sure the cost of living has went up greatly but I had no idea what things cost back then so its hard to gauge that. Interestingly enough, video games have only gone up 10 dollars since the Nintendo days. Candy bars seem to be high as hell. And the thing that sparked this whole post --- Bag of chips. Crazy thing is a 25 cent bag of chips is no longer 25 cents. It's about 88 cents for the same size bag! That's a more than 300% increase with no additional product. Milk is high as hell but I'm sure the cows aren't getting paid more. Seldom in life do people get a break, so for once I'd like to see the prices of things go down. In fact the only thing that has gone down are peoples' paychecks. America needs to get back on track. Back to when it was a golden land of opportunities and freedoms. Don't get me wrong it still has wonderful things to offer but the people are suffering and I know because they told me so.

Good Times



BmoresVeryOwn said...

Your right, i was talking about this with a co-worker. She told me, back when she bought her house along the Loch Raven corridor in the 70s it cost her....I think she said like 30-40K, my grandmother bought hers WAYYY back in the day for 15K. Same homes now range 150-200 K.

When I first got a car maybe 10 years ago $10 went a lonnnnnnnnng way, I could fill up for like $20, lol.

It's just generally hard for people these days, degrees or no degree. EVERY thing goes up like clockwork EXCEPT pay.

Disgusting!!! I tell people now though, the LEAST you can do is NOT fxck up your credit though.

PenDragon said...

Yeah it is quite disgusting. I remember ppl saying gas was like 99 cent like 15 years ago and shit. Now look it hasnt been under 3 dollars in like 4 years. Water bills, BGE all UP! by like 100 - 150% or higher but if you are lucky enough to get a pay increase it's like 2-3% WTF is THAT!!!! Shits gotta change! The people are gonna demand it. Those Occupy protests were the peaceful versions. The anarchy is next man.

BmoresVeryOwn said...

You ever read Octavia Butlers "Parable of the Sower"?

It's fiction but it's hella scary how she could be predicting our future. I don't want to spoil it if you haven't read it but it is pretty much on poit as far as the economy and people go.

I think it was written in '93 if I'm not mistakin.

PenDragon said...

No i haven't --- imma check the cliffnotes. Future is bleek --- we need real change bro --- dude up lehman bros and goldman sachs are crooks and the government doesn't do a thing. The people are suffering man. Sooner or later its just gonna be Rich ppl and broke ppl -- no middle class.