Monday, January 2, 2012

Ray Bly

While I was out taking pictures Monday on Route 1, I ran across Ray Bly. I was on my way back in town and noticed an interesting building. Then I noticed a great "keep out" sign spray painted on a barrel across the street on the side of the road. So of course I go over there and start taking pictures, because at this point I'm used to getting kicked out of places and being told I have to leave. So around the 3rd picture I took I noticed a someone was coming out of the store and I think to myself, "here we go." This little man smoking a cigarette and donning a "Proudly Served In Vietnam" hat comes towards me and says, "are you a reporter." Of course I answer things in quite a direct way and reply, "nope." Then he goes to tell me how people dump trash and things behind his store, which is a appliance repair shop.

We then talked for about an hour (he did most of the talking and I left my lights on, which I forgot because I just stepped out to take a quit picture) about numerous subject. He told me that he runs for Congress every once in awhile. He explained to me that he has seen more death and blood in his 40 some odd years on Route 1 then in his 2 years in Vietnam. He also told me that Crazy Ray's is involved in Organized Crime.

He's views are unique, though I'm sure many other Americans feel the same way about various topics as he does. He represents a much more simple time, where Blogs, Tweets and FaceBook Status' didn't exist. He understands what tough times really are because he has seen them and lived through them. He comes from a time where people worked hard, earned their money and if they were lucky enough to own a TV watched their favorite show when they got home. A time where celebrities were famous because they were actually talented, not just because of their last name, who they were married too or some other silly stunt.

Ray Bly understands worth, pain and sacrifice. Unmoved to any emotion when I asked about the building across the street he simply said, "That was Herman's Garage, he was murdered."

Check Out More of his story at his Website. HERE


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