Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Things Fall Apart

This is the movie 50 Cent lost 60 lbs for. Its been talked about for almost a year and finally is set to release within the next to weeks officially. He plays a football player that ends up getting cancer and has to make a way in his new life. As a star football player everything was given to him and when he got cancer everything was taken away. I liked that his homeboy from the beginning stayed down with him through the whole ordeal. The ending was a bit cheesy but eh it was a cool film. Ray Liotta was in it for about two scenes and the movie poster got changed from the original which was pretty terrible. Check it out.

Don't Get Your Brother To Get That Chicks Phone Number


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dont4getthejelly.com said...

His brother was a dick. It was fucked up whn he begged him for a job in front of everybody it was a good movie tho a classic story of when I'm up everybody love me when I'm down nobody cares