Thursday, September 15, 2011

Cell Phone Resize

When cell phones first hit the scene in the early 90's they were this massive brick of telecommunication. Weighing in at about 2 to 3 pounds and with a length (including the antenna) of about a baby these things weren't sleek or in design at all but maintained functionality and people bought them because they were super rare and cool at the time. I'm not sure it met a convenience market as its size and weak signals and huge car charger you had to bring along to accompany this behemoth added 20 pounds to any real on the go person.

Then the next wave of phones hit and they were super small. They had white and white screens and an internal antenna. This was excellent for everyone. Form plus function were met in these newer models. The only concerns were people constantly losing their new smaller phones and the thought that the phones gave people brain cancer which is still pretty inconclusive.

In the early 2000's flip phones and slide phones were introduced. This left people with a lot of broken phones and cracked screens. But the phones were way better at sending and receiving information and the form fit better in the newer digital society.

Recently "smart" phones are getting bigger! They are way thinner but they are getting pretty wide. The Sprint EVO is friggen monstrous. So it seems that the more the phone is capable of doing the bigger they have become. It won't be too long until we are right back with a huge block of technology to carry around and thus the cycle will begin again.

I Don't Like Nobody Playin' On My Phone


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