Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Walk Like An Egpytian

Egyptians are clearly upset...and I guess right fully so. Think I learned about this whole mess is that the US gives Egypt 1 Billion Dollars a year. Really?? Really?? Yeah really. But that's not the point of this post. I have heard some believe that this will eventually take place as well in the United States. These are my reasons why I doubt it.

1) No matter how much people complain about America, its a pretty good place to live.

2) Americans are lazy. Ask someone to actually get up and do something about an issue is the best way to not get it done. People couldn't stop Twittering (tweeting) or updating their Facebook Status' long enough for them to stop a riot.

3) The only issues that seem to get debate over are Gay Rights, everybody's new trend "Bullying" and Universal Health Care.

4) I think a lot of people would die. Reason - Things go in order from City -- State --- National. So that means the Police are you're first line of action. Police gonna shoot ya! I mean Police are tasing white women in America --- WHITE WOMEN! If the good ole boys of the Confederacy could see this America they would be outraged.

The time Al Gore won the election but then it turned out Florida wanted to give it to George W. Bush, that would have been a great time to RIOT (protest).

Bailing out the financial organizations and still leaving the people to pay the bill while the CEO's gave people Millions in bonuses basically laughing in everyones face --- Great time to Riot (protest).

Ya see there is always a good reason to Riot (protest) we just don't do anything about it.

Viva La Rebellion


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