Tuesday, January 25, 2011

No Country For Old Man

The Coen Brothers are RAW! Everyone of their films with the exception of A Serious Man, somebody gets killed, in cases many people get killed. But this takes the cake in the gore category. Antone Sugar should be in horror films. This guy is stone cold! He killed everybody he came across. Most of with he killed with a high pressure airgun. The only gripe I have about the film is the character that Josh Brolin plays. He was too smart to be so dumb. He went back to give the dying Mexican drug runner some water??? Nawh...nope...no way. Besides that the movie is excellent! Woody Harrelson shows up kinda for no reason but he adds a new dimension to the film. And in true Coen Brothers fashion the movie ends leaving the viewers with a make your own conclusion ending. And Tommy Lee Jones is the Old Guy, wondering what happened to this World.



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