Thursday, October 22, 2009

Blue Hill Tavern

Tucked away in Baltimore's Butcher Hill area Blue Hill Tavern specializes in contemporary American cuisine. It's a nice atmosphere, it's just very noisy inside...very noisy. HUH!! I SAID IT'S VERY NOISY INSIDE! oh . The food is good. The steak and eggs appetizer takes a new twist as they serve the steak sliced paper thin spread across the plate accompanied by 2 Quail Eggs. Would I have it again?? No. Was it cool to look at?? Yeah, but I should have been at least warned that the "Steak " was fruit roll up consistency. The Potato Soup...ummm...excellent. I'm not so sure that the potatoes made it excellent but the bacon pieces that were spread throughout like tiny treasures waiting to be found were definitely the highlight. The Crab Cakes were pretty good, flaky yet moist and I was tempted to get the rabbit but felt a little less adventurous that night. From what I tasted of the chicken it was very moist and flavorful. Which is the complete opposite to the macaroni and cheese which was dry and tasteless. The free valet parking was a plus though, seeing as its still a pretty industrial area. Blue Hill Tavern is a good place if you want to hang out not take a date, because most of the time you'll just be saying, "I can't hear you!"

The drunk guy behind you


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