Monday, May 5, 2008


The problem with McDonald's is (where shall I begin):

The service is horrible
. They should get sued for false advertising b/c every commercial has a person who is happy to greet you with a smiling "Welcome to McDonald's".
I have yet to be smiled upon by anyone at McDonald's in my 20 some odd years of patronage.
They hire kids which is cool, its a good starting job to give kids responsibilities and whatnot but they act like they are doing you a favor by taking your order. Most of the kids have lead paint poisoning and/or learning deficiencies. So saying a simple order like "Fish Filet and medium fries" sounds more like "3 piece Chicken Select meal Large Sprite."

Nothing Ever Works.
Try getting an ice cream sundae, just try it I dare you. The response will be. "The machine ain't working." How about a McFlurry or a Milkshake? "That's broke." The drive thru machine hardly ever works and even when it does your still floating on a prayer that they have what your ordering.

What Happened to the great toys they used to give away?
Maybe they were getting sued too much because of the warning of "Beware of small parts," but McDonald's used to have some pretty good toys and collectable glasses and various other merchandise. Nowadays you'll be lucky to get 3 BBQ sauces for your 20 piece nugget.

They Never Have What You Want
. Ice Cream? "Machine's Broke." Apple Pie? "They gone." Quarter Pounder? "The cows quit." Fries? "We ran out of potatoes."

Ok that last instance was maybe a bit extreme, but I'm trying to drive home my point.

McDonald's still may be a powerhouse worldwide, but in the US we have so many other options that are way better. The ads alone for Burger King are 100 times better and "The King" gave Burger King a boost in appeal. Wendy's is cheaper, has a better menu, and way better food. And the list goes on from Chick-Fil-A to Taco Bell. McDonald's need to rethink its branding and get back to its roots, quality food and service with a value price. Then "I'm Lovin' It."

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