Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Top Ten My Friend

MTV recently put out their view as the Top Ten Best Rappers (currently). Even reading the descriptions and all the nice words they wrote to explain why they chose who they did, it still seems like a lame list. Snoop, really??? There is no possible way Snoop should be on this list. If Snoop is then Busta should be. The Big Bang was way hotter than Ego Trippin'. And The Game could have easily made the list instead of Snoop. I'm not hating on Snoop, I like him, I do, but top ten....NAWH! 50 cent...50 CENT!!! Huh!!! For what reason beyond they needed another rapper from the East Coast besides Jay-Z in the Top Ten? If they are going for the most money, Ok i get it. But "Curtis" was wack...not super wack but pretty lame. Fifty isn't better then Fabolous and I dont even like Fabolous' albums. Joe Budden is sicker then 50.

This one is blasphemous...RICK ROSS....excuse me...RICK ROSS is #4!!!! Who are these people and why are they allowed to make decisions to do anything? I'd take Rich Boy over Ross...Slim Thug over Ross. Rick Ross says the same things on every song the same way everytime. I only like 3 songs on his album. "The Boss," b/c of the beat. "Luxury Tax," b/c of everybody else. And "Maybach Music," b/c of Jay-z. The rest of the list I can pretty much agree with. Lupe should be higher. So they are tellin me Rick Ross is better than Lupe?? Or maybe I'm reading this list wrong. T.I. is better than Jeezy all day. Jay-z still kills. 3 stacks goes hard when he does go. Kanye is just so creative. Lil Wanye is amusing to say the least. I'd give him #3 that's a good spot. I would have liked to see Common on the list. He had two classic albums back to back. The Game should have been on the list as well with 2 classic albums, dropping the second one under his own roof proved he was better then just a 50 cent hook and Dre beat.

The other list they had is a honorable mention list, which is even more horrible. Shawty Lo?? His name sounds like a term for gay men. Plies?? I just don't get it. Soulja Boy?? I like the kid, but hottest rapper honorable mention...don't know about that. Prodigy...really...P Mobb hasn't been hot since Murda Musick 10 years ago.

And why is MTV putting out a list anyway they don't even play music anymore. Just stick to the "America's Next Top Model" and "The Hills" marathon's. Leave the voting to the citizens. We are the people and MTV is Florida recounting, messing up the numbers.

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