Wednesday, September 26, 2012

End Of Watch

I haven't been to the movies much in awhile so when my father and brother both like a movie I had to check it out. Weird thing was they played a trailer for this movie AT this movie, very odd.  I'm glad Michael Pena has a role that isn't goofy.  Jake Gyllenhaal seems to pick good roles.  The first person camera shooting documentary style is getting kinda old now though.  Cloverfield did it, Chronicle, Blair Witch and Snow on The Bluff.  This was like Snow on the Bluff mixed with Training Day.  There were a few WTF moments that kinda took away from the film but overall it was done well.  Dude with the knife in his eyeball was pretty awesome.  And he got off way easier than a few other officers.  This is a tale of Black vs. Brown vs. Black and White.  And P.s. if a gang banger tells you that you have been green lit, I'd take his advice and lay low for awhile.  Use those vacation days.

Watch Your 6 Indeed


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