Tuesday, August 21, 2012

12 Society

12 Society is a company that sends out boxes to their monthly subscribers filled with items allegedly picked by their celebrity staff of;  Nick Cannon, NAS, Michael Strahan, Blake Griffen, Kevin Love and Tim Lincecum. 2 entertainers and 4 athletes seems very unbalanced to me.  When I signed up for the service none of these names were attached to the brand.  I liked it like that.  Now it feels like they are trying too hard. I never looked at Nick Cannon and said to myself  "oh man, I wish Nick Cannon of DrumLine fame would pick out some cool shit for me every month and send it to my house."  I've never said that ever.  NONE OF THESE PEOPLE (with the exception of NAS) ARE COOL ENOUGH TO PICK OUT SHIT FOR ME.  This is Blake Griffen's 2nd year in the league what cool shit does he have to give?  2 rubber Iphone 4 cases that oddly enough bare his last name?   WEAK.  How about one of those Kia's I see you pushing in them commercials slick.  How about some cool comfortable socks or something.

Tim Lincecum puts in there some hot sauce that he makes.  Dude I don't even know who you are man.  Friggen Strahan gives out a ear and nose trimmer...cool....the next box comes this guy gives ANOTHER EAR AND NOSE TRIMMER!! FUCK YOU STRAHAN! Which goes back to my highlighted allegedly from earlier.  If he knew what was going in the boxes why would you put the same product in the box after just putting on a month before.  Allegedly NAS puts in a ugly ass pair of Creative Recreations.  Mr. "Im'ma NIKE HEAD" himself.  I honestly can't name what team Kevin Love is on, I only know that he plays Basketball and he recently won an Olympic Gold Medal in the August Box there were a pair of generic  sunglasses "designed" by Kevin Love.  Nowhere on the glasses do they say "Kevin Love," or any brand. For all I know they are a $5 pair of glasses from Urban Outfitters.  How cool would it be to have an exclusive pair of frames designed by 2012 Olympic Gold Medalist Kevin Love?!  That you could actually prove. Jordan's say Jordan on them...I'm Just Saying.

The only thing that I have really enjoyed and put to some use is from the first box.  The Incase Headphones is the best item from the subscription.  Coming in 2nd would be the "Kevin Love" glasses that I have worn maybe 3 times.  The rest of the box I find pretty useless.  Energy Sheets loaded with Caffeine...I'd rather have SK energy shots for that...why you ask? Well,  1) the proceeds help feed hungry children.  2) it doesn't taste like an old motel curtain.   Oh and that dumb ass Rumba watch that I couldn't fit. I have hands the size of a baby's chest  plus I doubt half those celebrity panel dudes could even fit that thing. The watch has a cool premise but it also has a subscription aspect to it as well NO THANKS.  They offer free and easy returns but don't tell you how.  Also what if I like one thing in the box I'm sure I can't return everything else and except a refund of any sort.

Where's Pharrell (Karmaloop), where's D - Wade, David Beckham, Jon Hamm something! This next box they send out better have something atleast moderately cool or you can count my subscription is good as cancelled.

6 Society


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