Tuesday, August 28, 2012

The Return of the Snapback

Trends, Movements and Fads are really phenomenal things.  In the late 80's and early 90's snapbacks were thee essential headgear for Hip-Hop culture.  Everyone from NWA, Public Enemy, Tupac and Biggie wore them.  Then around 1997 the entire culture shifted and moved to fitted hats.  Cool because of there personal fit and style.  After that finding a snapback style hat was like finding a Unicorn holding a 4 Leaf Clover.... it wasn't gonna happen.  Even if you did come across one you wouldn't want to wear it because it was no longer cool.

Around 2000 Pharrell started wearing Trucker style hats, also Ashton Kutcher donned them.  That style of hat caught on for awhile but didn't exactly take over as THEE hat to have.  So it is kind of odd that 2 people could change the urban/Hip-Hop/head wear industry.  Especially these two people.  Taz Arnold and Tyga with no affiliation to one another pretty much changed it on their own.  Taz Arnold was briefly signed to Kanye West's GOOD Music label in a band named SaRa, and later started his own clothing line TISA (Taz Is So Arnold).  His popularity sky rocketed without really having any music out.  his style sold itself and he is now seen as a Fashion Icon.  He has had several collaborations with well established brands and his clothing line continues to be in high demand.

Tyga emerged from his cousins success (the dude from Gym Class Heroes) and at the time was rapping different than what was offered from the West Coast.  His originality set him apart.  Forget that he made that "Coconut Juice" song .  After that he put out some decent stuff and his style started to be taken into account. From just these 2 wearing the snapback it is almost hard to find a fitted hat anywhere.  In about another year fitteds will probably be exclusive to only online shops.  It's also perplexing because these 2 aren't the biggest stars in the game but they changed the game completely....well at least part of it.

Snapbacks Back


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