Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Alien vs. Prometheus

I saw Prometheus this past Saturday and was asked did I ever see Alien by Dj Craigo Gettems.  I haven't, so then I did.  And ehh.  Both movies are pretty "ehhh" in my book.  Alien takes place in 2037 ish and Prometheus in 2086-2094.  Both are stories of deception.  Both crews in both movies think that they are going to explore the planet (which is really a Moon) for a different reason and both crews are deceived by Androids on the crew. 

Alien was kind of slow and boring to me.  The whole 1st hour nothing happens.  ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!  Then while exploring a scorpion crab spider like thing jumps on this dudes face.  Ripley says don't let it on the ship ... The dude Ash says let it on the ship.  And they let it on the ship.  Fatally Flaw and stupid mistake number one.  Don't let the Android tell you what to do.  That's the thing that killed everybody, letting it on the ship.  But if that hadn't have happen no movie right?!  Right! 

During their exploration they come across a ship and a creature in a chair telescope thing that they figure has been dead for a long long time.  Fast forward to Prometheus and we learn next to nothing about these creatures.  We know that they are Albino, about 7 feet tall and they hate Humans.  Prometheus has no focus its everywhere but at the end of the movie you're left empty like what happened.

Odd thing is, both movies had secret agendas which were to basically get samples of the aliens, but neither of the ships had a containment space for them. 

Waste of 4 hours. 

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