Saturday, November 20, 2010

TV Show: The Walking Dead

AMC is kicking ass in original TV series' at the moment. The Walking Dead opened with a great 1st episode. A Sheriff of a town in Georgia gets shot by fleeing criminals and taken to the hospital where he falls into a coma, only to wake up in a world over run with ZOMBIES!! I love a good Zombie feature so I'm pretty much all for this show to be great. The show gets to key points pretty quickly and doesn't drag things out of a season or 6 episodes down the line. A few things have sorta confused me through the first 3 episodes.

Spoiler Alert!!!

If wild escaping Hicks are shooting at you and you get shot, why would you take your vest off?? (In fact in most movies when people get shot why do they take of their vest right after??)

It was never fully explained how long he was in a coma in the hospital. Additionally, Zombies got into the hospital so why didn't they kill him?

When these guys put the guts on them to blend would just so happen to pour down raining right?

Why did the Deputy Sheriff have to disarm the car alarm. Wouldn't the Sheriff had thought to do that??

Why have so many changes of heart about a guy that was about to kill everybody??
Funny how the dude knocks over the tool bag and drops the handcuff key down this mysterious drain pipe in one graceful dumbass fall. But the guy can now reach the hacksaw and cuts his hand off??!! But it was only one way off the roof, so how did he actually get away??


With all that being said it is a pretty decent show. I just hope that it becomes a bit more complex as the show develops.



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