Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Rise and Fall of Allen Iverson

I would say that no other Basketball player has had a bigger impact on culture then Allen Iverson. No not even Jordan. Jordan was the greatest player but you couldn't really relate to him. Allen Iverson is the reason everybody is tattooed up. Allen Iverson was the reason guys had cornrows. He changed the style of the black youth in America. He was a good player with great drive and passion. So its sad to see him playing in Turkey for 2 years for 4 million knowing that he lost millions of dollars and a chance to play in the NBA. Stefan Marbury is a nutcase and I could care less about him having to play overseas. But AI...The Answer!! Man this one is pretty sad.

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bmores very own said...

I mos def agree with this. Sad day, but it's better he get his money SOMEWHERE and he's lucky cause he did a LOT of dumb sh!t so...