Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Th-Th-The Show

The homie Al Shipley wrote about the show at Suite last Thursday. Here's what he had to say:

"PenDragon recently released one of our favorite local mixtapes of the year so far, I Got Hits 4 Cheap, a mostly self-produced disc that strikes an unlikely balance between a contemporary hip-hop sound befitting his Jay-Z-esque flow and more offbeat, humorous touches--Cookie Monster samples, audio fan letters to Lisa Turtle from Saved by the Bell--and flirtations with dance music. When PenDragon was billed as a solo performer on Thursday, we were hoping to hear a good amount of material from the mixtape performed live. Instead, he ceded most of his stage time to other members of his crew, Team Arson, including rappers Street Heat, Jae Poet, HyDro, and R&B singer Nova. So PenDragon only ended up performing two songs, including the I Got Hits highlight "Never B4," while five other Team Arson artists each got one before the DJ informed them that their stage time was up.

While some of Drag's label mates had strong material, we couldn't help but be disappointed that he got rushed off the stage before doing all the songs he intended. And given that there were only four acts on Thursday, all of which played within the space of two hours, the club probably could've let PenDragon play a little longer. Perhaps next time he can book separate Team Arson and solo sets."


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