Monday, April 7, 2008

I Am Iron-Man...kinda

One of my a.k.a.'s used to be (maybe still is) War-Machine which is Iron-Man's homie James Rhodes....U don't wanna comic book trivia with me, believe it! So as you can clearly see I am kinda Iron-Man. When I heard they were making an Iron-Man movie I believe I crapped my pants alittle. Then they said Robert Downey Jr. was going be Tony Stark...i was confused and bewildered. Then I started seeing the previews for it and I crapped my pants alittle. Then they're were rumors that Ghostface has a it keeps getting better. Then recently I see the date and realize that coming out in like 3 weeks. GREAT NEWS!! Comic book movies are very hit and miss but when done right they are beautiful. I.e. Batman, Batman Begins, Spider-Man, the old Super-Man (the 1st two), and the Fantastic Four films (yeah i said it). Daredevil made my sad had good intentions but it just wasn't executed well. X-Men movies kinda suck... none of them are really that good, but they aren't horrible either. And with more comic book movies on the horizon (Avengers, The Incredible Hulk, Captain Damn America (they better do that one right this time!!!), The Punisher (yes another one, they never get those right),and Wolverine) one can only hope, pray, and believe that your favorite comic books will get its shine on the silver screen.

The Wallabee Champ


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