Monday, October 22, 2012

Fuck Ben Cardin

First he looks like the Ninja turtles' father.  Secondly he only started making campaign ads because Rob Sobhani is giving him competition.  This guy has been in office 26 years, damn there my whole life.  In the commercial he boasts about "saving skycap jobs at the airport."  WHAT IN THEE HELL!  Skycaps get paid $2.38 an hour, they mostly rely on tips.  98% of skycaps are old black people.  The airline industry isn't what it used to be, so ALOT less people are travelling by air.  So saving bad jobs for Negros, so that they can help travelling white people with their luggage isn't a great redeeming quality.  Plus you're like 9000 Do something else.  This dude Sobhani wants to run one term and that's it.  You've made a career of it.  Never going any higher up or any lateral moves.  Let this dude get a shot at it.  And how come nobody makes a commercial except when its election time?  Cause they are all just begging for a job.  Government sucks.

Really This Dude Looks Creepy As Hell


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