Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Baltimore Grand Prix

The sad thing is, Sheila Dixon as much as people didn't like her for whatever their reasons were brought a lot of business to the city. The Orange, Purple and Green shuttle buses that travel through the city are a hit and people are excited about The Baltimore Grand Prix. Unfortunately she got kicked out of office before she could see these things come to life. Anyway, crews have been working for over about 8 months on the streets downtown and they are still pretty horrible. They have even fixed some streets and have repave a lot of them over.
This race is supposed to draw a huge crowd and bring in big money. The course looks a little treacherous to me but I'm just a guy. The race is in about 2 weeks, bleachers are up, guard rails are up lets see what happens.

Start Your Engines



BmoresVeryOwn said...

annnnnnnndddddddddd it's got the MTA going nuts!

For realz, lol, I'll probably be out riding buses tomorrow helping to put together diversions.

PenDragon said...

Yeah Downtown is nuts its a zoo!